Photographs by our Featured TN Wedding Photographer, Don Wright 

Christian & Mike’s wedding at Samary was not only a fantastic time – but the first time I got to take in the beautiful facilities and discovered that the wedding parties were even spending the night before their wedding on site! How fun is that? Great fun.  The girls all spent the night drinking hot chocolate and telling stories in one cabin, while the guys did the same in another far away cabin sans hot-chocolate and with cards.  Tom and I joined the girls to meet everyone the night before the wedding day, not due to any contractual obligation, but simply because we have found that it’s all so much more fun and relaxed when we’ve met the wedding party prior to the big day!

Night Before the Wedding Day: Gallery

The next day came quickly, at which point we realized that it was officially wedding time.  Girls & Guys got ready and made sure they had all they needed – but were comforted knowing that our ON-SITE WEDDING COORDINATOR would be helping them out if they needed or forgot anything.

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